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凡是了解這一點的人,都不會要求賦予他自己或其他人的身體一種優越地位。他將非常單純地,把人類和其他飛禽走獸視為一種類似的東西,彼此互有所屬。~~維根斯坦(1889-1951),《筆記: 1914-1916》1916.09.02.

The philosophical self is not the human being, not the human body, or the human soul, with which psychology deals, but rather the metaphysical subject, the limit of the world—not a part of it. The human body, however, my body in particular, is a part of the world among others, among beats, plants, stones etc., etc.

Whoever realizes this will not want to procure a pre-eminent place for his own body or for the human body. He will regard humans and beats quite naively as objects which are similar and which belong together. Ludwig Wittgenstein(1889-1951),《Notebooks: 1914-1916》1916.09.02.